When an idea becomes a physical asset of value and utility, it represents the culmination of a long process. The construction phase closes the gap between the concept on paper and a tangible asset. Good management of this critical phase requires rigorous planning and logistics.

At PumpnMech, we offer construction management services tailored to the size and complexity of each project. Whether for a single project or as part of a larger program, our team brings your design to life with an emphasis on cost, punctuality, safety, and risk management. We closely monitor construction activities and offer advice on issues such as construction capacity, contract packaging, contractor coordination, temporary work requirements, supply chain capacity and capabilities.

Bring Us Your Idea. We’ll Bring It To Reality.

Our specialists use technical and strategic knowledge to contribute experience and knowledge to your projects in the construction products industry. At PumpnMech, we know that our customers appreciate the overview taken into account, as well as its results. In this spirit, our team of specialists draws our technical and strategic knowledge to bring the client’s dream to existence.

We understand our clients' aspirations and support them at every stage of the process, from the early stages of project evaluation to detailed design, permitting, construction, and operational support. Our experience is backed by a competent team of process engineers and logistics experts who have carried out numerous projects, bringing added value by providing optimal, flexible and customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Our Areas of Practice

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Projects (EPCM)

  1. Process design
  2. Equipment procurement and specifications
  3. Process analysis, optimization and upgrades
  4. Design modelling
  5. Process environmental engineering
  6. Plant start-up and commissioning
  7. Operational support and on-site training
  8. Automation, instrumentation and control
  9. Control loops tuning and optimization
  10. Advanced Process Control
  11. Mechanical and electrical engineering
  12. Civil and structural engineering
  13. Planning, architecture and landscaping
  14. Health and Safety support
  15. Environment

Full Lifecycle Project Support

To better serve you, our team offers optimal and holistic solutions to optimize operational performance and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions from feasibility studies, process design, and production and energy efficiency audits, design modelling, environmental permits, health and safety and operational support, and everything in between.

Our team is experienced in all phases of process design, from the initial stages of project evaluations, detailed design, construction and commissioning, to operations and optimization. Our mandates range from scoping studies to preliminary economic evaluations, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and detailed engineering.

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