PumpnMech experts have a deep understanding of industrial processes and a unique combination of specialized skills. We combine them with the multidisciplinary experience required to plan, design, build and operate a new factory, or optimize the production of an existing industrial facility. Our industrial solutions are designed with a sustainable future in mind.

Bring Us Your Idea. We’ll Bring It To Reality.

We offer consulting and engineering services in different disciplines that cover all stages of a project, from strategic studies, from design to implementation and productivity analysis taking the role of the owner's engineer at each stage of the project EPCM contract (engineering, procurement, construction management).

We operate in all industrial sectors: biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages, process energy, consumer products, construction products, pulp, paper and metals. Whatever the goals, PumpnMech plans and implements projects efficiently, with an emphasis on the environment, safety, quality, schedule, and cost.

Our services

  1. Environmental, Health and Safety Management
  2. EPCM Project Execution
  3. Pre-feasibility and Feasibility studies
  4. Preliminary and Detailed engineering
  5. Pre-Operational Verification
  6. Process Hazard Analysis
  7. Process Optimization and Advanced Control Strategies
  8. Process Safety Consultancy
  9. Project and Construction Management
  10. Project Controls (Planning, Cost Estimation, Accounting, Reporting)
  11. Quality Assurance
  12. Site Master Planning
  13. Technical audits and Due diligence
  14. Testing Technology Services
  15. Turn-Around Planning and Execution
  16. Validation Services
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