Project Management is part of the DNA of PumpnMech. We deliver multiple projects on time and on budget, while ensuring that all operational requirements are met safely.

What Makes a Project Delivery Successful?

Our hallmark is to provide cutting-edge programs, deliver leading projects and management services, ensuring that results are always in line with the client's objectives. Our experienced professionals evaluate and understand your priorities, while evaluating the technical, environmental, and business issues surrounding each project. We leverage this vast experience to plan and implement projects efficiently, with an emphasis on cost, schedule, quality, and safety. We are here to guide you on your journey, from initial conceptual development to final project delivery.

Best-in-Class Project Management

Our team combines extensive industry experience with the best project management processes, techniques, and tools to succeed. We develop your delivery strategy, overseeing the planning, organization and control of the work necessary for the implementation of this strategy. Then we establish an appropriate and effective assurance regime; identifying and correcting any deviations from the plan as it occurs. 

We collaborate with our clients to ensure that project delivery is efficient, profitable and innovative. We represent clients’ interests in all phases of the project, with our project/program managers overseeing implementation throughout the planning, design, procurement, construction, and operation stages.

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