PumpnMech helps both public and private utility companies, through engineering, project management and advisory services to ensure the effective management, operation, performance and integrity of water supply and distribution systems. Our services assist these entities in providing consumers, communities and industrial sectors with water for potable and non-potable uses.

PumpnMech also provides value-added solutions to critical issues surrounding agricultural water demand, domestic and commercial water supply, related infrastructure asset development and long-term asset management. PumpnMech also works closely with the agricultural sector, which consumes more water than urban and industrial uses combined, to provide solutions to critical issues surrounding global water use patterns.

Let's solve water fox.

PumpnMech can assist with respect to the collection, treatment, storage and distribution of water. PumpnMech provides economical and efficient solutions for water supply and distribution system projects that focus on meeting client objectives, while ensuring compliance with strict regulatory standards.

Our areas of expertise include water research, evaluations and economic planning of supply and distribution networks - including borehole drilling, reservoirs, pumping and pressure-boosting stations, water reticulation and water treatment systems, wastewater recycling and water-main networks, and water irrigation systems. We also provide integrated advisory and engineering services, as well as permitting support on complex water projects.

PumpnMech services for clients include:

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Community water schemes
  3. Asset management
  4. Borehole drilling; Installation and Maintenance
  5. Yield testing
  6. On-farm water storage and irrigation
  7. Water treatment and purification
  8. Water reticulation
  9. Water Re-Use
  10. Water reclamation
  11. Wastewater recycling

Agriculture Products & Irrigation Systems

PumpnMech provides you with total solutions to supply water, treat wastewater and analyze, even under the most challenging conditions.


The major agricultural products include food (vegetables, meats, grains), fibres, fuels and raw materials. The productivity of agriculture depends in part on the efficiency and reliability of its pumping systems. Our pumps play a pivotal role by supplying water for many agricultural applications such as crop irrigation and for agricultural processes such as manure handling and livestock waste liquids.

Our pumps, mixers and other water handling systems have applications for every part of your field; products that stand tough in the harshest environments. And we listen, learn and adapt to your local environment, helping your agricultural operations thrive wherever you are in the world.

For farmers, one of the highest costs is the energy consumption for irrigation. That’s why modern agriculture demands pumping solutions with high efficiency as well as reliable pumping systems to ensure continuous productivity. PumpnMech provides reliable and durable products that cut energy and life-cycle costs of ownership.

PumpnMech offers an array of high-quality products and solutions for the small farm.

Water supply and irrigation

  1. High durability borehole pumps to get the water out of the ground
  2. Multistage, end suction pumps and pump packages for the irrigation system
  3. Plug and pump solutions


  1. A wide range of high efficiency circulators
  2. Heat Exchange Systems
  3. Cooling towers
  4. Drive cooling system

Wastewater handling

  1. Self-cleaning technology pumps
  2. Channel and vortex pumps
  3. Grinder pumps for small diameter pipe wastewater systems
  4. Lifting station packages for sewage and grey water


From Site Dewatering to Underground Construction​

Whether you’re building, maintaining or repairing, PumpnMech offers a more versatile range of dewatering products.

Additionally, our heavy-duty pumps play a role in the most critical infrastructure projects, including pipeline and utility construction. It’s a reality that the majority of construction sites require dewatering pumps. Sometimes the pumps remain after your job is completed. Groundwater from the surrounding area, as well as rain, can flood the whole site if not dealt with properly. PumpnMech understands the battle you face on a daily basis, and is there with you for the duration of your construction dewatering needs with pumps, equipment and services.

Food & Beverage

Water and energy efficiency - drivers of the food and beverage industries

Water is at the centre of food production is the largest single consumer of water. Reducing the water footprint of food production is a central goal of the food and beverage industry. To do this effectively, the food and beverage processing industry has to manage every aspect of water usage.

With innovative products and service capabilities, we deliver solutions that are energy efficient, reliable and compliant with the applicable regulations, standards and codes. We supply solutions from transporting source water (wells or surface water), to treating water used in production of food products, to internal reuse within the processing facilities, to wastewater treatment and discharge.

Industrial Wastewater and Process Water Treatment

Keeping industry running with reliable water & wastewater pumps

PumpnMech specializes in solutions for your raw water intakes and wastewater & storm water needs across a wide range of industries.  We combine dependable water management innovation with industry expertise to create custom industrial solutions for nearly all requirements. Covering a wide range of industries our references include the food and beverage, oil & gas, energy & power, healthcare/ hospitals/ bio-pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors.

From transporting highly corrosive liquids to handling fragile biotech compounds to treating industrial effluent, PumpnMech supplies pumps and equipment for moving virtually any fluid in your industrial surrounding. Whether it’s a simple project or complex process, our industrial application experts will assess your operations and then identify the right solution for your application.

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