Who We Are

We offer a holistic approach to engineering services and consultancy developing creative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions in construction services, design solutions, industry engineering services, structural; mechanical and electrical engineering services, project planning and management services, and multidisciplinary water solutions.

We specialize in the following functions: PumpnMech offers Professional Water Engineering and Water Solutions.

1. Borehole Drilling

2. Water Supply Solutions

3. Water Treatment

4. Water Reticulation

5. Wastewater Recycling

6. Water Reclamation (Reuse)

We build water and wastewater plants and offer service maintenance and refurbishment.

We are the sum total of our passion, vision and collective experience. Discovering goals that help shape the organization we are today and the one we design to be in the future.

We believe that for societies to prosper, we all must take responsibility for tomorrow. This means creating innovative solutions to the challenges that the future will bring. This encourages us to remain curious, act locally, and think internationally.

We are excellent in our services because we make extraordinary efforts to attract, develop and retain the best professionals in our areas of expertise. Professionalism is inherent in our offer and we put the highest ethical standards at the centre of everything we do. We are humble and we act with moral and intellectual integrity, respect our word, treating everyone with respect, and we support our colleagues. We care about people and their progress and provide the most satisfying professional development for our professionals. We encourage young recruits because we believe that new perspectives bring great ideas and new energy.

We are locally dedicated with international scale pursuit

Our strength is our ability to adapt to our clients' culture and local markets. We offer our clients the same personalized services as a specialized company, while taking advantage of our experience to carry out the most complex projects and help our clients achieve their ambitions. We do this by being agile, with a common sense approach, and keeping our structure and business model simple and light. Our focus on growth also enables us to better serve our customers by expanding our offering, our expertise, and our reach.

We anticipate trends to offer innovative ideas to our clients in order to achieve their individual and business objectives. We ask questions, examine complex problems from different angles, and find solutions that break paradigms. We are problem solvers who evolve, improve, modernize, and stand out. We know that our solutions will shape tomorrow’s communities and help societies thrive in the long term. We accept change and have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence.

Our great agility is founded on our collaborative work environment. Our dedication to teamwork creates unique networks of exceptional professionals who understand that great achievements come from collaboration. We embrace and support a high-performance culture; we always strive to learn from others and foster a stimulating work environment. We put the interest of our team before ours and joining us is the best way to understand the collegiality that defines our organisation.

We are empowered to turn challenges into opportunities while being accountable for standards beyond the norm. Our proactive leadership enables us to be customer-focused, agile and responsive, while being accountable to our clients, peers and shareholders. The profitability of our organisation is essential for our future and that is why we manage our business responsibly.

PumpnMech benefits from continued growth and expansion. Each step enables us to better achieve our purpose of preparing communities and environments for the future.

We see the future more clearly through key trends in climate change, society, technology and resources, and we challenge our teams to advise clients solutions that are ready for both today and for the years to come.

“Future Ready is a world-class initiative setting PumpnMech apart and placing our business at the heart of creating a resilient future-ready world.”

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